Preventing knee pain, arthritis, and injuries by wearing sleeves, how is it possible?

Many sports fans do not see the value of wearing sleeves. Nevertheless, if you exercise a lot of physical activity, for a long time, or in hard terrain, you should think to protect the joints (especially knees) from injuries related to excessive work.

The elastic athletic knee support has generally a shape of a tubular sleeve made of an elastic fabric that surrounds the knee, as well as synthetic fabric. It provides therapeutic warming to the body part.

Several industries are interested in this area, and each has a particular prototype to offer support or protection against injury, but no study could demonstrate what the best prototype is.

Running, knee pain, arthritis, knee injuries

What are the benefits of wearing a knee support?

  • First, it reinforces venous return: allows, "used" blood (filled with lactic acid, free radicals and CO2) to return to the lung to "refresh" and promote the aerobic process. This will improve recovery and reduces the symptoms of exercise pain as well as muscle fatigue.

  • Improve the tonicity of the most stressed muscles during exercise, reduce vibration, improve performance, and muscle recovery

  • Improved muscle, tendon, and ligament oxygenation, which will improve endurance, prolong the effort and reduce cramps calves, forcing the cessation of training before even having reached a great fatigue.

  • Reduced slugging of calf muscle masses, often causing shin splints

  • Reduces the accumulation of toxins and increases their elimination, so it can be interesting during a running if it is long (we will exhaust the muscle less quickly) and after it (the muscle having "worked" better, will put less time to recover from the effort).

Knee sleeve and injuries:

During normal flexion and extension of a healthy knee (while walking, running ...), various relative motions occur between the femur and the tibia. The most obvious of these is the broad "hinge" motion that normally extends to about 120 °, however, are other and smaller relative motions which are variously termed "tibial rotation" and "screw-home". The tibia rotates about its axis relative to the femur, an outward deflection of the foot during extension and inward deflection during flexion (this happens in games by the need for quick and vigorous stopping, starting and turning, like tennis).
This can cause internal injury and derangement of the knee, especially meniscal tearing. A sudden blow or excessive force can also cause tearing of the ligaments.

 Knee pain, arthritis, joint pain, knee injury

Fortunately, to prevent injuries, a wide variety of externally applied elastic supports and rigid, joint-immobilizing braces are known to protect healthy and injured joints and to promote healing of certain injuries. Supports and braces are commonly used for medical and other conditions at the knee. Common injuries that can be helped by a support include strained or torn ligaments, tendonitis, arthritis, and pulled or strained muscles.
These supports can be worn, for example, before engaging in work, or in the process of being carried out.

The elasticity of the support is important not only to apply externally applied compression but also to maintain the support in a selected position on the body. Ideally, a knee support in a way that is easy and suitable to the normal range of motion of the knees. The elasticity of the support also changes in the size of the body produced by physical exertion, changes in the condition of an injury (e.g., a reduction in swelling).
The compression sleeves useful but not miraculous, we cannot expect that they will heal broken bones.


What about the 3D Pressurized Knee Support Sleeve from SartMart?

3D Pressurized Knee Support Sleeve

Knees are the most sought joint during a physical activity, it supports all our body weight at every step, so they should be preserved and prevented from injuries. The 3D Pressurized Knee Support, made of Nylon and spandex, offer this protection by its three-dimensional weaving technology, it also offers high flexibility, comfort and breathability.
Suitable for all types of exercises (running, riding, basketball or climbing mountains…). While exercising, it keeps our knees warm, reduce knee pain, and prevent ongoing arthritis.



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